Oprah is planning on building a mansion in Telluride!  Great! However, it looks like the plans have that enormous campus closing off hiking trails in the area. Boo!

Kevin Winter, Getty Images

In early 2014, Oprah bought up about 60 acres in Telluride for roughly $10M. That’s chump change to Oprah, who’s worth is about $3 billion.  Turns out, she’ll be shelling out a few more bucks to deal with a lawsuit from a homeowner in the Telluride area where her megamansion is set to be built.

From The Denver Post:

An attorney for retired physicist Charles D. Goodman has filed a lawsuit in San Miguel County District Court claiming that Winfrey's Yellow Brick Road company, the couple who sold the property to Winfrey and Mountain Village [the HOA] made a below-the-radar deal to close off access to trails that Goodman's family and his neighbors have had rights to use for nearly three decades.

This place is going to be ginormous! Oprah’s plan for her mansion and guest home will mean not only dealing with this hiking trail lawsuit, but also the cutting down of almost 1,00 trees.

It reminds me of that story from back in the 80’s when Kevin Costner was going to build a giant hotel in Deadwood – where a train would drop you off right in the lobby. Never happened.

Maybe she could make this all go away by getting everyone in the HOA cars!

[Source: The Denver Post]