Something I never thought I'd see a warning for, but currently making national news, is a notice from the Center for Disease Control, telling people to refrain from putting Halloween costumes on their chickens. Dressing up cats and dogs in cute costumes is something lots of pet owners do, but I guess I never knew people did this with their chickens as well.

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The reason for the CDC warning chicken owners this Halloween season, is due to a certain strain of salmonella that's already spread to 29 states. Although that specific bacteria strain hasn't been reported in Colorado yet, it has a way higher chance of being spread and infecting people when they are handling live chickens - as one would be when attempting to put a costume on the bird. Besides salmonella, other harmful bacteria can live on chickens, so it's best not to be touching them too much, and when you do, be sure and wash your hands after.

Hopefully the warning doesn't ruffle too many feathers for chicken owners here in Colorado...

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