Kmart in Midtown Fort Collins announced its May closure this week, and we're wondering, who should take its place?

Now, it's very possible another King Soopers will move into that space, as Kroger has owned it since 2009, the Coloradoan reports. However, with so many King Soopers throughout Fort Collins, Northern Colorado, and all throughout the state already, is that really the best option for our community?

A big-yet-affordable grocery store in Midtown is definitely needed. But others are just a short drive away in other parts of the city, and in all honesty, there are already too many King Soopers locations in the area to begin with. Let's mix it up a little!

Let's say King Soopers doesn't end up moving to that space (say, from the small location it owns just down the street on College Avenue). Who or what should take its place? Take the poll below to let us know what you think!

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