If you're heading out to The Ranch for the Larimer County Fair, be sure to stop by the big white tent and check out what may come as a surprise:  A great bar.

The Larimer County Fair is bringing people together for so many different events from 4-H competitions and PRCA Rodeo to Carnival Americana and live national acts on the outdoor stage. To the south of the stage, it's hard to miss the big white tent, but don't dismiss it as 'just a place to get out of the sun.'

I met friends on the first night of the Fair, and before my friends arrived I wandered the grounds. The vendors, the food options, the carnival, the exhibits inside the exhibition hall. I saw the usual 'beer stands' that you normally see at festivals, along with those vendors with the 'beer carts,' ''Cold beer, get your cold beer!'

Then, I ventured over to the tent. I honestly thought it was just a tent with seating underneath. Lo and behold, they have this great bar. Stylish hanging lights, ample places to sit, and an actual 'saloon type' bar.

Dare I say, it really 'classes up' the joint. Plus, you don't have to be having an alchohilic drink to enjoy a great bar.

Larimer County Fair Bar
TSM/Dave Jensen

The 2021 Larimer County Fair runs through August 10, with plenty of events and live music still to come. Stop by the bar and mingle a bit, while you're there.

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