Waxing is a really personal thing. Who we choose to wax is is also very personal and something we take very seriously.

There are a lot of women (and men!) who dedicate themselves to not only being the wax-ees, but also the waxers. They are educated in their field and take what they do seriously and professionally across the board in Northern Colorado.

A lot of people have problems with Yelp reviews; some say they're not a true representation of a business' customer service or quality of work. That's fair, but a lot of passionate consumers continue to express their opinions and experiences with various businesses all over the world on the site, so there's gotta be something to it.

Taking those reviews into consideration, we've come up with the top waxers in Northern Colorado based on number of reviews and average number of stars.

So who is Northern Colorado's favorite waxer? Flip through the gallery above to find out if your waxer topped the list.