Okay, don't laugh. I know it seems like I-25 is forever doomed to be a hellish cesspool of construction, but this question might be worth asking, right?

Fortunately (or unfortunately), the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), has a lot of plans to enhance I-25.

This means we are bound for improvement...but also more construction. Nevertheless, let's try to get to the bottom of all this horror roadwork.

The construction is largely due to Larimer County's growing population, which is expected to grow up to 52% by 2040.

CDOT created a plan to improve I-25 all the way back in 2011. They're assuring us that the plan "will increase safety, capacity, and user choice."

The plan is broken into multiple phases, with many of them focusing on Express Lane projects.

Crews completed (see, things can end) Phase 1 of the plan, involving ramp reconfiguration work between 120th to Northwest Parkway/E-470, in March of 2018.

They've been working on Phase 2 of the plan, which includes installing new medians and resurfacing the pavement between the same stretch as above, since March of 2019.

Get this — Phase 2 is supposed to be finished by this summer. There is an end in sight...at least for this portion.

Crews are also working to improve the highway's Express Lanes between Mead and Fort Collins. Construction for this began in late 2019, but no end date has been announced. Joy.

The entirety of the plan is expected to be completed by – brace yourself – 2075.

This far-off date is based on existing revenues. CDOT is currently searching for more funding that might enable them to finish the plan earlier.

Unless that happens, we'll be waiting until  *cue Spongebob voice*  55 years later...

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