If you're dating or single, or were at one point, you've most likely been asked for your number, and we don't mean your phone number or your credit score. The other number. We're getting personal here, so brace yourself for TMI.

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A recent survey from BESPOKE asked people their number of sexual partners... and the number they will actually tell you when they're asked. Because everyone feels the need to lie about this for some reason.

The survey found that Coloradans are on the low end when it comes to their number, with an average of 8.6 partners, but when asked, the average number is six partners. This is much lower than the national average, which was found to be close to 15 partners, though those surveyed said that they will lie say an average of ten.

'This study shows there is still stigma if a man has not had ‘enough’ partners, and stigma for a woman if she’s had ‘too many’, which are sexist stereotypes,' Dr. Evan Goldstein said in the report.

Christie Kim on Unsplash
Christie Kim on Unsplash

Who's really gettin' it? Washington. If it's raining and cloudy all the time, why wouldn't you just stay in, throw on a good grunge record and, you know, get your count up? Washington had the highest average, at 54.8 sexual partners, while Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Colorado all tied for lowest at 8.6.

Whether your count is above average, below the average, or you don't have one — who cares? Just be safe. You can read the full study from Bespoke here.

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