The City of Fort Collins heard a lot of complaints about the intersection of Horsetooth and Timberline, for years! In 2015, they began the project of making it a safer and more effective intersection. By mid-October of 2015, the new intersection was fully open!  Along with the better intersection, the city also installed a piece of art!  What is it, exactly?

Horsetooth and Timberline is all new, traffic wise!  They finally improved the traffic flow of that busy intersection.  You’ll find that it’s now safer for cars, bikes and pedestrians; that it reduces the rate of accidents with the FOUR turn lanes and new bike lanes, and that air quality will improve, with shorter wait times!  Well worth the cost, closures and frustration. It’s really great over there, now! Thank goodness.

You may have noticed with the improvements, that there’s a new piece of art on the north-east corner.

It comes from the City of Fort Collins’ new ‘Art in Public Places’ initiative- where they are setting aside a percentage of the cost of projects for art.  In the case of the revamping the intersection of Horsetooth and Timberline, 1% was used to commission the artwork that was installed on October 16, 2015.

It is called ‘Transect Silhouette’ and was created by artist Lisa Cameron Russell.

From Ms. Russell and the City of Fort Collins:

Horsetoooth Rock is an eye-catching and identifying local geological landmark elevated above the city and namesake of the projects location at the intersection of Horsetooth and Timberline roads. Ms Cameron Russell's intention is to connect the street corridor with the view of the Front range looking West of the site location. The sculptural pieces are loosely based on the horizon of local geological landmarks observed. Both the geology of the Front Range and the uplift created from plate tectonic movements are represented in the sculptural forms. Pedestrians walking between the sculptures can experience a sense of walking between the Front Range landmasses created by the earths uplift. The artworks will also be viewable to passing motorist traffic.

What do you think of 'Transect Silhouette'?

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