Walk into any craft store and it's hard not start dreaming about things to create. Following through on those crafts can be challenging. If you have supplies sitting around, then check out this swap! The Arts & Craft Supplies Swap is your chance to get some new stuff and get rid of some old stuff. Thursday, February 28th from 12pm to 2pm at the Carnegie Center for Creativity in Fort Collins.

This is a no haggle swap. Set your supplies on the table for people to grab what they need and you take what you need. Leftover supplies are going to be donated to a local nonprofit or a local school.

Carnegie Center for Creativity - CCC is at 200 Mathews St, Fort Collins, Colorado 80524.

The event page says:

Types of supplies that'd be great to bring:
* paint, markers, chalk
* fabric
* quilting fat quarters
* craft books
* notions
* yarn
* knitting needles or crochet hooks
* paper goods
* embroidery thread
* cross-stitch materials
* notebooks
* brushes, sponges
* clay & clay tools
* kids craft materials: pom poms, paint, brushes, construction paper, clay, beads
* beads
* craft wood
* stones

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