At Timberline and Trilby, they are currently building a church which, though not as tall as the Fort Collins' tallest buildings, does loom large across southern Fort Collins. When it’s completed, it will reach 112 feet. We have some details on what will be Colorado’s newest Mormon temple.

Dave Jensen, TSM

The tallest building in Fort Collins currently, is the First National Bank building in downtown. That building is 158 feet tall. Speaking of tall buildings in The Choice City, iIt’s hard to miss that new church under construction at Timberline and Trilby in Fort Collins. The church will actually be the new Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints’ temple. I had been curious about the building since I noticed that steeple. Like I said, you can’t miss it. I stopped by the other day to find out what it was, and take some pictures. While there, one of the church’s parishioners Doug Harris was across the street at the church’s current building, and he gave me some details.

This will be the second Mormon temple in Colorado. The first one is in Centennial. You can surely say that Fort Collins has some large churches, ‘mega-churches’, but this one definitely stands out. The temple sits on over 15 acres, and will have over 30,000 square feet. Once completed, it will have a 15 foot golden statue of the Angel Moroni atop, which will top the temple out at 112 feet; just over 11 stories. If you were to view it from above, you’d notice that the roofing will display a cross. The temple will be lit up at night, until 10 p.m.

Doug was kind enough to explain that while day to day operations of the church will take place in the current meeting house across the street on Trilby, the temple will be used for formal ceremonies that the church conducts. With 140,000 LDS church members in the state, and this being only the second temple in Colorado, I would expect a lot of traffic in that area. The church did pay for the widening of Timberline to help with that.

The grand opening of the temple is scheduled for spring-summer of 2016.

This video gives you the scope of the exterior of the temple: