Whether you're a die-hard football fan or someone who just watches the Super Bowl for the commercials, it's happening this Sunday and people all across the country are stocking the fridge with a plethora of drinks and good food.

From delicious dips to saucy chicken wings, munching on yummy food is essential while watching the Super Bowl – and when it comes to what Coloradans will be snacking on, one food is way more popular than the rest.

In 2019, an Illinois-based company, Bid-on-Equipment, looked at Google volume trends for more than 130 different types of Super Bowl food over the period of January to February in all 50 states, as well as the 20 largest cities. With this data, they narrowed down each state's favorite Super Bowl food.

For Colorado, it looks like a majority of NFL fans will be snacking on cocktail weenies come Sunday. The cocktail weenie actually takes the trophy for being the most popular Super Bowl food across the U.S., earning the top pick in 11 different states.

Although cocktail weenies are the favorite for Colorado as a whole, the surveyed trends showed that Denver actually prefers to be snacking on buffalo chicken dip.

Map courtesy of bid on Equipment
Map courtesy of Bid on Equipment

If you want to cook up your own cocktail weenies this weekend, below is the perfect recipe to help you out!

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