The Fourth of July is less than a week away, and although you probably won't spend all day listening to songs that talk about how great the United States is, I bet at some point your patriotism gets the best of you, and you crank out something in honor of the red, white, and blue. A new map shows what each state likes to jam to the most on the Fourth.

The map, created by Spotify, shows specifically what patriotic song is most listened to in every state on the fourth of July. (They tried to do this map for most listened to patriotic song in general, throughout the year, but “Party in the U.S.A.” was the top song in 46 of 50 states... WTF America??)

My observations... I am proud Colorado isn't one of the states that has anything to do with that Miley Cyrus garbage, I am kind of sad that we weren't more like Florida and California in choosing Team America, and I am thinking that we got switched with Utah... They are listening to the Air Force Band (from Colorado), and we are listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (from Utah)?? I want a re-count!!

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