'Watch out single-use, we're coming for you.' is the motto of the company that promoter AEG Presents is getting behind.

We're all pretty comfortable with the whole recycling thing, but how about re-using a cup that was full of beer that someone was drinking while at a Bon Jovi show? I have a few friends that are, especially these days, are big germaphobes. I wonder how this will sit with them.

If anything, I don't see the price of a beer at a concert or sporting event in the Denver area getting cheaper with this endeavor to save the environment.

These new cups are called 'r.Cups' as in 're-use' cups. You get your beer/soda in one of these cups, that you don't toss in the trash or recycle bins. They get a good washing, then they get put back to work. The company has been around since 2017, and is already in 90 venues across the world.

You're going to be seeing these at the following AEG Presents venues in Colorado:

Bluebird Theater

Mission Ballroom

Ogden Theater

Gothic Theatre

When cups are e re-used, that means that the have to be thoroughly washed. So, they'll be setting up a big facility to do just that with Ecolab. I don't know if that's going to make my germaphobe friends, especially when they find out that formerly incarcerated people will be a part of staffing up the washing facility with help from the Second Chance Center.

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One question that I had with AEG's press release about the r.Cups is this: If I get a beer at a concert in an r.Cup, is my second beer a 're-fill' of that first r.Cup or will I be given a 'new' r.Cup with each beer?

They responded:

We’re implementing a “New Cup Every Time” model. So the guest is getting a fresh cup with every order.

Are you ready to drink from a very clean 'used' cup?

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