I picked only "Christmas Songs" that had over 150 million views. When I first started looking at the songs with the most views, I thought I wouldn't find anything that had more views than Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas" at 224,209,378, but I was wrong. Justin Beiber wins. Yes, Justin Beiber's "Mistletoe" is the most viewed Christmas song on YouTube.

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    Justin Beiber does not scream Christmas in my world, but apparently he does for others. "Mistletoe" has over 254 million views making it the number one Christmas song on YouTube.

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    All I Want for Christmas

    A Mariah Carey classic. "All I Want for Christmas" has 224 million views.

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    Santa Tell Me

    Over 105 million for Ariana Grande's "Santa Tell Me"

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    Last Christmas

    Wham! has almost a 183 million views with "Last Christmas"