The Wall Street Journal has done the math and has come out with their list of the top growing cities in the United States.Their study focused on the years 2010-2017 and covered the entire population changes in the United States during that time.

Some national numbers of note: the U.S. population grew from 309 to 325 million. The states that saw the greatest growth were Florida, South Carolina, and Texas.

This past February, Forbes said the fastest growing city in Colorado is Colorado Springs. What does Wall Street Journal say?


From 2010-2017, Greeley grew by about 50-thousand people as the unemployment rode a 2.8% in 2017, below the state average. The biggest driver of the influx, according to the Wall Street Journal, is domestic migration. That could be folks moving up from Denver in search for less expensive living conditions, or it could be anyone in the state looking for the pace and space that Greeley provides.

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