We knew driving to Albuquerque, New Mexico with our 3 kids to camp at the Balloon Fiesta would be challenging. It's a long drive. Kids get bored. We did not factor in the stomach flu, that would be just as much a part of our trip, as the 500 hot air balloons we enjoyed. The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is an annual event that labels itself the "World's Premier Balloon Event". There were over 500 hot air balloons in attendance this year. My parents have gone to the event before and asked if we wanted to adventure along this year.

We camped in the RV Park right near the balloon launching area, we were 2 of about 5 pop-ups in a sea of hundreds, of huge and amazing 5th wheels and RV's. It's great to be so close to the launching area, because the entire city of Albuquerque is trying to attend. All we had to do was catch a school bus. No worries about waking up in time, there are incredibly loud airplanes and helicopters flying right over head, starting about 5am. It's worth it to see that many balloons take off and to watch the obstacles each pilot and crew face to get their balloon in the air. Watch the end of the video below.

Unfortunately every 24 hours on this trip a new family would get the stomach flu. I tell you what, you haven't had the stomach flu, until you've had it in a hotel, a moving car, port-o-potties and a pop-up camper toilet.

The Balloon Fiesta was awesome. Albuquerque is a very pretty city. It's a long drive. The stomach flu is the worst, even worse, on the road. Memories!!

Here's a quick video collage I took of some of the energy at a successful launch event and a close call.