Horses are huge animals. They have huge heads and a long, deep mouth. We got a chance to look into our horse, Ronda's, mouth as she got her teeth "floated," which is really a fancy word for "filed."

Floating a horse's teeth is part of the routine maintenance necessary to keep them chewing comfortably. Vets usually recommend the procedure be done annually. Our vet sedated Ronda, which made her drop her head a little but didn't cause her to fall. Then, they strapped on a crazy contraption with a light that lit up her tongue, teeth and throat, allowing us to look into the long, green mouth of our sweet girl.

Next, a round bit studded with diamond was attached to the end of a power tool. Yes, you heard me: A power tool. I can tell you honestly that this procedure made anything a human dentist has ever done seem very mild. The sound of the drill alone made all of my teeth hurt. But Ronda did great and was back to normal about an hour later.

Hear what I mean about the drill's cacophony in the video below:

"Inside the horse's mouth" Kama/TSM
"Diamond round bit on a power tool" -Kama/TSM
"Kids watching" Kama/TSM
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