We moved out into the country to be closer to nature. But with nature, comes critters. Not too long after our arrival at our new home, I started noticing these perfect, nickel-sized holes around our property. They were perfectly round and precise, and lacked the messy dirt piles you'll see around ant or rodent homes. But we had no idea who might be inhabiting these dirt tunnels.

One night, we decided to investigate by pouring water down one of the holes. After the first trickle, something moved. We added a little more water and lots of gray legs became visible. Finally, a wolf spider emerged. Initially, it creeped me out to realize how many holes I had seen around our house and how many spiders those would equate to.

Then, once I read more about the wolf spider, it became clear, they are a "good" spider, and one of the many common spiders found in Colorado.

They seem to keep to themselves, But I've never seen one crawling around in the open...yet.

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11 Most Common Spiders in Colorado