Baseball is back. After a little delay due to the short lockout and a slight delay in the start of the season, Coors Field will be rolling again with some Rockies baseball.  and yes,  there is plenty of excitement to get out and enjoy some live baseball with a snack and a beer.

For me personally, my most memorable Rockies opening day was back in 2005 when I was actually in the stands. I was living in Lubbock, Texas at the time visiting some friends in Denver when the San Diego Padres came to we said why not?

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We grabbed some tickets the morning of the game and watching the Rockies win a thrilling 12-10 come from behind extra innings affair.

YouTube/ MLB

I HAD to put that on the list since I was in the stadium that day but looking back at some of the history of Colorado Rockies opening day baseball, there were plenty of memorable moments and games. Here are a few that I put together that I feel are the best of the best...agree? disagree? Did I forget one or two? Hit me the meantime, let's look back...


Opening Day 1993 

I mean DUH...this was the very first home opening day in Rockies history and it was against the franchise now known as the Washington Nationals, the old Montreal Expos.

YouTube/ Colorado Rockies


Opening Day 1995 

This extra innings thriller was capped off by a clutch blast by Dante Bichette (remember HIM)

YouTube/ Colorado Rockies


Opening Day 1997

Larry Walker's GINORMOUS performance. Not 1 not 2 but 3 home runs in consecutive plate appearances.

YouTube/ Colorado Rockies


Opening Day 2003

Greeley Central alum Shawn Chacon pitched a gem, allowing only 2 hits and striking out 8 over 7 innings to help the Rockies to a 2-1 opening day win.

I searched high and low for footage of this game but I couldn't find any but I DID find the box score which is always fun because of the names you see in the lineups that you completely forgot about like SS Jose Hernandez and 2B Jay Payton. (that was such a solid duo up the middle)


Best Rockies Lineup of All-Time



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