Denver International Airport is well-known for many reasons. Not only is it Colorado's largest airport, but it is shrouded with conspiracies and legends.

However, before Denver International Airport was built essentially in a large field outside of Denver, the city's largest airport was Stapleton.

Stapleton Airport was Colorado's main airport for many years and although it is not known for having conspiracies attached to it such as wacky murals, underground tunnels, and 'Blucifer,' there were some odd and notable things about what was once Colorado's airport.

For example, one of Stapleton Airport's runways literally crossed I-70. Many motorists taking the interstate were greeted by a large, commercial plane on a bridge above them while traveling down the road.

In addition, the airport was uncomfortably close to residential areas which not only prompted it to be closed and torn down, but is the reason D.I.A. is so far out of the way.

Take a virtual tour of what was once Colorado's Stapleton Airport:

Take a Virtual Tour of Colorado's Former Stapleton Airport

Before D.I.A., Colorado's biggest airport was Stapleton.

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