This is the kind of stuff that my nightmares are made of: rattlesnakes crawling into a pool noodle. This actually happened in Phoenix.

Fox News reports a family in the Phoenix suburb of Buckeye went to grab a couple of pool noodles that were lying near a cinder block wall when a rattle snake slid out of it. It wasn't alone. "Several young rattlesnakes" were also inside the noodles. It was like their own snake koozie, but in this case, it was keeping them warm. Thankfully, the snakes did not attack anyone.

We certainly have rattlesnakes in Northern Colorado, but they are primarily located along the mountain range and along the hiking trails you frequent. You've seen them. However, it is a good reminder that these or other kinds of snakes and critters can find a home in anything that is convenient to them. It would be best not to leave your pool noodles lying flat on the ground and near areas they like to hang out.

It's a huge relief to know this family in Arizona was not harmed (physically) in this incident. Mentally, I'm a wreck just thinking about. I have a profound fear of snakes, and now, I hate pool noodles.


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