For the better part of the last 13 years the most consistently "good" quarterback, or football player in general, was the Indianapolis Colts' Peyton Manning. A bad neck kept him out all of last season, and also gave the Colts the worst record in the NFL, which also gave them rights to the first pick in the next draft. With the best player available in said draft being a quarterback, it was time for the Colts to part way with the now 35 year old Manning.  Now more than half of the teams in the NFL have some interest in Manning including the Broncos. Should the Broncos ditch Tim Tebow for Manning?

Manning believes he can still play and wants to saying "I don't want to retire," he said emphatically. "I don't feel like I have anything to prove. But nobody loves their job more than I do. I still want to play." Football experts also agree that he still has what it takes to win. ESPN's Trent Dilfer said "Whoever gets him will be in the Super Bowl within three years. You go from good to great the first time he walks into the complex, because there's suddenly heightened awareness that the most demanding player in the NFL is playing for your team."

Those kind of words don't seem to follow Tim Tebow. That is why you better believe the Broncos will take a look. Team president John Elway has an eye for quarterbacking talent, and his support of polarizing Tim Tebow has been lukewarm at best thus far. The Broncos also have the most money available of all teams that are interested which adds to their chances. But, signing Manning doesn't necessarily mean a goodbye to Tebow. Manning could be a Tebow tutor, perhaps giving the youngster added tools for his long-term development long after Manning retires.

Las Vegas has actually set up odds on where Manning will end up, with the Broncos being a long shot, but still on the list.

Cardinals: 19% ($100 wins $250)
Dolphins: 16.5%
($100 wins $300)
Redskins: 13% ($100 wins $400)
Jets: 9.5%
($100 wins $600)
Chiefs: 7.5% ($100 wins $800)
Retire: 6% ($100 wins $1,000)
Seahawks: 6% ($100 wins $1,000)
Texans: 4% ($100 wins $1,500)
49ers: 3% ($100 wins $2,000)
Broncos: 3% ($100 wins $2,000)
Titans: 1.5% ($100 wins $4,000)
Other Team: 11% ($100 wins $500)