For 'Movie Monday' this week, I asked the RETRO 102.5 listeners what your favorite Tom Cruise movie is. Here are the three that rose to the top.

Tom Cruise. Handsome devil. He's starred in dozens of movies. Dozens. It's fun to ask folks what their favorite one is. It's hard to nail it down to just one.

Between Facebook comments and calls into the radio station at 1-800-964-1025 here are the top THREE  Tom Cruise movies- according to you:


Putting yourself out there. Redemption. Love. Friendship. Bonnie Hunt. The human head weighs eight pounds. A classic.


Jack Nicholson. Keifer Sutherland. Kevin Bacon. Demi Moore. A baseball bat. A courtroom showdown for the ages. Rob Reiner at his best.

#1 - TOP GUN

A Maverick, in the air and on the ground. He likes volleyball and motorcycles. It's a movie that's hard not to enjoy. Talk to us, Goose.

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