The dash and debonair actor has been in dozens of movies, but these are the three that you, the RETRO 102.5 listeners, say are your favorites.

His days of playing Dr. Doug Ross in E.R. seem like eons ago. George has gone onto to be a box office hero. A superhero, to boot: remember his Batman?

On Monday's I like to dive into the minds of our listeners and find out their feelings on films and such. I call it 'Dave's Movie Monday.' Took a lot of 'takes' to come up with that..

Recently I asked what is your (the RETRO listeners) favorite movie starring George Clooney. I started the Facebook conversation with MY favorite- Michael Clayton. Nobody seconded my opinion, but that's O.K. Let's get to the results.

#3 - The 'Ocean's' Series

I LOVE any movie about a heist. Robbing a casino? Bring it. Add in all the other stars like Matt Damon and Brad Pitt- Danny Ocean is a role George was born to play.

#2 - 'From Dusk Till Dawn'

It came out in  1996 and did 'alright'; but has gone on to become a cult hit. One of Harvey Keitel's best, as well.

 #1 - 'O Brother, Where Art Though?'

RETRO listeners love this little crime caper from 2000, loosely bases on The Odyssey by Homer. The Soggy Bottom Boys steal the show, for sure.

Thanks for voting and being a part of another Movie Monday with RETRO 102.5!

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