For 'Movie Monday' recently, I asked our listeners what their favorite Julia Roberts movie is. She's been in a LOT of great ones. Here are your top three faves.

On Monday's I like to dive into the minds of our listeners and find out their feelings on films and such. I call it 'Dave's Movie Monday.' Took a lot of 'takes' to come up with that..

Recently, I wanted to know what you (our listeners) say is your favorite movie starring American treasure Julia Roberts.

Of ALL the films she's been in - far and away - the #1 favorite was 'Pretty Woman.' No real surprise; it's her breakthrough role and has the famous 'snapping of the necklace box' scene that Richard Gere had improvised.

Coming in at #2 on your list of favorites was what you could call a sequel to 'Pretty Woman' - 'Runaway Bride.'  That WAS a fun movie. Especially if you like...eggs.

The third favorite, as chosen by you our listeners, harkens back to two years before 'Pretty Woman.' A little movie about girls coming of age while making pizza in Mystic.

There were a lot of other movies mentioned, just not garnering enough mentions to make the list. Such as Notting Hill, Stepmom, Erin Brockovich, Eat, Pray, Love, and Steel Magnolias.

Nobody mentioned 'Ocean's Eleven' and that's OK, I guess. It's more of a Clooney vehicle, I get it.

Thanks for participating in Dave's Movie Monday!

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