It may still be early in the NFL regular season, but this isn't how the Broncos season was going to be. This is why I strongly predict that Vance Joseph won't be back in 2018.

I know everyone may be scratching their heads of wondering why I believe that Vance will be a "one and done" coach. He seems likable, and also seems very smart in his football knowledge.

But that doesn't always translate to someone being a top NFL head coach. (Example: Wade Phillips)

Now, just to be upfront in all of this, I was someone who was critical of the Broncos when they passed over Kyle Shanahan and ended up going with Joseph. At the time, I thought the Broncos needed an offensive mind leading the way who could mold either Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch into a much better quarterback, while bringing back Wade Phillips to continue to lead the top ranked defense in the league.

But John Elway and the Broncos rolled the dice with Joseph, and this is where we stand as of November 3rd.

A 3-4 record which places them 2 1/2 games behind the Kansas City Chiefs.

A suspect offensive line and special teams, which blame also has to be placed at Elway's feet.

And we are back with Brock Osweiler as the team's starting quarterback.

So what makes me think that Joseph will be gone once the season is all said and done?


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    The John Elway Factor

    John Elway doesn't like to lose. Especially since he became the General Manager of the Broncos. He has a legacy throughout the state of Colorado (along with Wyoming, Montana, New Mexico, and part of Kansas) that will take a lot to get tarnished. But right now, with many uncertainties on the team, Elway will want to show that he knows how to right the ship and make things better. He won't come out and place blame at his own feet, so who is the next "fall guy" in line? That would be Joseph.

    Credit: Justin Edmonds, Getty Images
    Credit: Justin Edmonds, Getty Images
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    Why Wait This Long for a QB Change?

    While Elway should take the blame for not upgrading the QB position in the offseason (did anyone REALLY think Trevor was the QB of the future?), it is the fault of Vance Joseph for waiting so long to make a change. Trevor Siemian started the season good, but it was only in flashes. As his progression started to stall and the team was suffering because if it, a change should've been made immediately. As much as many of us (including myself) don't want to admit it, Osweiler knows how to play in the Mile High City. He went through all the ups and downs a couple seasons ago, and was a big reason of why the team made it through the regular season on the way to an NFL championship. If the team looks better with Osweiler as QB, but still misses the playoffs, the blame will be shifted over to Vance Joseph for not making the change sooner.

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    Getty Images
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    The Broncos Fan Base is Getting Loud, and Angry

    This also goes back to Elway. However, as I stated above, Elway won't fire himself. Just look at the amount of tweets and Instagram's with people expressing their displeasure with the decisions that Elway has made including hiring Joseph. Unless there is a quick turnaround with the team, the statements below will continue to brew:

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    If Adam Gase Leaves Miami, Why Not?

    Lastly, there is one NFL head coach who is on a hot seat who could do well being back in Denver. Plus he's a smart offensive mind which is what this team needs. Yes, we're talking about Adam Gase. He is someone who some people thought should've been the head coach before Gary Kubiak was named the lead guy in charge. Plus, if there is someone who could bring the stagnant offense back up to a top notch level, it is definitely Gase.

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    Getty Images

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