A Platteville family had been innocently driving up to Wyoming to close on a new home last week when their trip suddenly came to a halt when a suspected drunk driver crashed into the family's truck, injuring three family members in the vehicle.

According to the Greeley Tribune, Mike Marr was driving with his two daughters in a truck while hauling another car on a trailer, as his wife, Hilary, and their son followed. On their way to close on their new home, a drunk driver hit Mike’s truck head-on. Luckily, Marr's wife Hilary acted quick enough to avoid a second collision, involving her vehicle.

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The head-on collision resulted in all three of the family members in the truck being rushed to the hospital. Mike was transported to hospital by AirLife where he is currently in intensive care fighting for his life with severe injuries.

The Marr daughters, however, have both been released from the hospital since the incident. One of the Marr daughters, Addison had to get 10 staples and 3 stitches on her head, and has also sustained a concussion. The other, McKenna, suffered from some bruises and is reportedly sore from the impact.

Wendy Coppersmith, a longtime friend of the Marr family started a GoFundMe for the Marr's in an effort to help with medical bills, loss of income, loss of vehicles and other expenses. Within just three days, over $70,000 had been raised out of their $100,000 goal.

As of Thursday (May 27), over $130,000 had been raised for the Marr family, surpassing the original $100,000 goal. The goal now stands at $150,000.

According to Jeff Platt, a GoFundMe Spokesperson, within the first 16 hours of publicizing the Marr family fundraiser, 158 people donated almost $16,000. Coppersmith has also been updating people on Mike’s condition on the GoFundMe page.

Anyone who wishes to donate to the Marr Family GoFundMe can visit link attached here.

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