Patients who received COVID-19 vaccines from the Dr. Moma Health and Wellness Clinic in Colorado Springs will have to get revaccinated.

According to FOX31, the clinic did not follow proper storage protocols for the vaccine, meaning that over 4,500 people will have to get their shots again.

The clinic is no longer receiving vaccines, and around 6,000 appointments have been cancelled through May 8.

In a press release, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) said the site did not provide proper documentation of temperature storage, leaving the agency unable to determine if the vaccines administered at the clinic were valid.

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For those received their first dose of the vaccine at the clinic, the CDPHE recommends the following:

  • Pfizer
    • get a new dose 21 days after the invalid dose
    • get a final dose 21 days after the new valid dose
  • Moderna
    • get a new dose 28 days after the invalid dose
    • get a final dose 28 days after the new valid dose

Those who are unsure of which vaccine they received are asked to follow the same timeline as the Moderna vaccine (with either Moderna or Pfizer).

The majority of those vaccinated at the clinic only received one dose, but those who received two should do the following:

  • Pfizer
    • get one new dose 21 days after the invalid dose
  • Moderna
    • get one new dose 28 days after the invalid dose
      • if unsure, follow the Moderna timeline

The CDPHE is advising the public not to get more than three doses of any COVID-19 vaccine due to a lack of clinical data.

Vaccine appointments can be rescheduled here. 

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