If you travel over I-25 in and out of Windsor on Highway 392, you've probably noticed all the construction vehicles out there. How would you like to live near the interstate?

I inquired to the Town of Windsor Economic Development Director, Stacey Miller about what all the construction is about off of Highway 392 on the northeast side of the interstate. She told me it's the lastest phase of Ptarmigan Business Park.

Right now, as part of the original plan, set into place back in 2008, there's the convenience store, a liquor store, and other retail. It's taken some time to get this phase 'off the ground.'

When completed, there should be 114 residential lots as part of Ptarmigan Business Park, along with 13 tracts for open space and/or open development.

On one hand, I see it as a good location - right off the interstate- easy access to Denver, and up to Cheyenne; but on the other hand, it's right off the interstate.

What do you think?

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