As our temps reach the high 90s and triple digits in the Fort Collins and Laramie area, the National Weather Service has issued a red flag warning, or elevated fire risk.

Red flag means there are high temperatures and very low humidity with high winds. The Northern Colorado region west of Fort Collins in the foothills and mountains is under red flag warning for Thursday, July 18, however temps won't cool to below the 90s until the weekend.

'Do not throw cigarettes or matches out of a moving vehicle,' the National Weather Service says. 'They may ignite dry grass on the side of the road and become a wildfire.'

Currently, Larimer County does not have fire restrictions, but if you are camping, the State of Colorado reminds you to 'only build campfires when and where authorized, do not leave them unattended, and put them out completely. Use ample water and stir until the coals are cool to the touch.'

NOAA, National Weather Service
NOAA, National Weather Service


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