Remember the excitement of summer vacation when you were a kid? There was even a particular smell that told you it was summer. It was a mixture of campfire smell, pool chlorine, and hot dogs grilling.

Now. When you look at summer through your adult eyes, what do you see? Perhaps you think "ugh, I'm not bathing suit ready," or "what am I going to do with the kids?" The magic of summer dissipates pretty quickly when you log into your bank account at the midway point of your vacation. But. Just for a minute close your eyes and imagine you're a kid again. You open them, and you see these awesome camps the City of Fort Collins is offering. Now if you're a parent, you can start getting excited because these are actual camps happening this summer. If you're sans kids, you can only imagine how much fun these could have been when you were on summer break.

Note: All of these activities are in the Fort Collins Recreator, along with plenty of classes and summer activities. These particular camps also have fees associated with them, but only one has an age restriction.

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