Everybody loves to see bald eagles while out enjoying nature, but the City of Fort Collins keeps growing and needing more housing. That housing has jeopardized the eagles' trees.

Affordable housing is coming to Fort Collins in the area of Zach Elementary, near Twin Silo Park. According to the Coloradoan, that housing was set to see the removal of nine Cottonwood trees which are very popular with the public, due to how they are frequented by bald eagles.

At first, they were going to remove all the trees. Then, just some of the trees. Finally, the decision, which we can all agree was the right one, was made to leave all the trees.

The eagles should do just fine, according to the Coloradoan, with the new housing development, as they're used to that kind of environment in that area, which is not far from the Fossil Creek Reservoir.

Nobody likes seeing trees being removed (destroyed) because of growth. I remember about a dozen 100-year-old Blue Spruce trees that used to be in the median of Highway 34 in Loveland near Mountain View High School. Those trees were removed in 2017.

At the time, it was a big deal that the City was going to take these trees down to widen Highway 34. I went to the public meeting that Loveland hosted to discuss the issue. Dozens of citizens were there to protest the loss. But in the end, the City made it clear that the trees were very sick anyway, and that sooner or later, they would be removed, so [now] was as good of a time as any to take them down.

Get more on the bald eagles keeping their spot in Fort Collins from the Coloradoan HERE.

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