There are currently red-light cameras at the intersections of Drake and College and Harmony and Timberline. Two more are being installed along Shields.

Fort Collins Pollice Services (FCPS) announced on July 23, 2020, that two more 'red-light enforcement cameras' will be installed in the city. One, at the intersection of Prospect and Shields and one at the intersection of Mulberry and Shields.

In the FCPS announcement, they state that these two intersections were chosen-

...based on traffic complaints, collision and injury data, and difficulty to enforce the location with an officer.

I can absolutely agree with the Mulberry and Shields intersection; there's no place for a police car to sit and watch for people not adhering to the red lights.  The intersection of Prospect and Shields, I'm not as familiar with these days.

Also from the FCPS announcement, these cameras are very effective in regards to safety:

Red light cameras have shown effectiveness in reducing serious injury and fatality crashes. We've seen the positive impact at the existing locations.

Of course, not everyone in the public is happy about the new cameras:

Facebook/Fort Collins Police Services
Facebook/Fort Collins Police Services
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