When the Mormon Temple in Fort Collins began being built in 2016, it was a big deal, as there aren't many temples in our area. Now, one is slated for Casper.

Though Casper is more than a few miles away from Fort Collins, I think it's interesting to find that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has selected Casper to be the home of Wyoming's second Mormon Temple, as there really aren't that many temples at all across the world.

The Star Valley Wyoming Temple in Afton was dedicated in 2016, the same year as Fort Collins' temple. Afton lies along the border of Wyoming & Idaho in the west-central part of the state. Casper is about 400 miles to the east of Afton.

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According to an announcement from the church, Wyoming plays a large part in the Latter-Day Saints' history, as pioneers traveled across Wyoming on their way to Utah.

Though they haven't set an official location in Casper for the new temple, I do remember when the Fort Collins temple was being constructed, there was a lot of work on Carpenter Road leading off the interstate, and on Timberline from Carpenter to Trilby where the temple lies.

When I was able to tour the Fort Collins temple prior to it being dedicated, I found out a few things that happen in Mormon Temples:


Men and women marry, and then family members seal with the couple for eternity. The Fort Collins temple has three ‘sealing’ rooms. One large, and two smaller ones. In the large one they have two mirrors placed across from each other- to give the effect of ‘forever’ – representing not only tomorrow but yesterday as well: Forever behind you, forever into the future.  We were shown the Brides Room, but, like all Mormon temples, they do not have a Groom’s room.


To me, the Baptistry Room was the most fascinating. Not very large, but very deep. The Baptism Pond sits in the center, with two stairways down into the pond. The bowl of the pond itself sits upon 12 oxen, which represent the 12 tribes of ancient Israel. It has a way of taking your breath away.


It’s hard for me to explain, but from what I gather, those in good standing can get closer to God, by attending ceremonies and/or rituals, in these rooms.


The most sacred part of the temple. They explained this is where members come to be ‘quiet’ and ‘one’ with God. We were asked not to speak in this room.

[Source: Casper-Star Tribune]

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