You know people from outside of Colorado are going to see this and say, ‘It’s all that pot that they smoke,’ but I don’t think that marijuana has anything to do with what these folks believe. They honestly have it in their hearts that our planet isn’t like a ball- it’s like a plate. Not only has Colorado become a mecca for those desiring recreational weed, it's also become a mecca for those who are 'Flat Earthers.'

Can we persuade them, before they persuade us?

Earth Globe

Did you know that Denver will be hosting the Flat Earth International Conference in November of 2018? Better still, the day before the conference, there’ll be a film festival: The Colorado International Flat Earth Film Festival. Good gravy. That’s my own opinion- Call me a non-believer of their movement.

Thousands and thousands of people believe that the earth is flat. The L.A. Times just ran a story about a gathering of ‘Flat Earthers’ at a Golden brewery. They did not mention which one, but I dig some digging and it looks like it was New Terrain Brewing.


Golden is just outside of Boulder. Not to take an unfair shot at Boulder, but it does kind of make sense.

At these meetups, they scoff at the ‘scam perpetrated on humans’ that the Earth is round.  How I would have loved to be at that meeting: A couple of beers, listening to what they had to say.. It sounds like a great night!

The Times’ article lead me to the Facebook discussion group: The Official Flat Earth Globe and Discussion Group. Wait- ‘Flat Earth Globe’- isn’t that an oxymoron? I digress. The group has about 80,000 members. You can say that not all the members believe in a flat earth, they just want to be a part of the discussion, but that is a LOT of members!

It’s hard for me to debunk these folks. You see, I can see myself being at a meet-up and saying ‘No way!’  Then, one of them gets up and starts talking about how if you could look 200 miles away, the buildings should take on a ‘tilted look’ IF the earth is indeed a globe, but they don’t. Then, my brain starts oozing out of my head and gravity take the mess to the floor. Wait, they don’t believe in gravity either. Good gravy.

I guess I’m going to have to at least attempt going to a meet-up. There’s one on Tuesday’s at the Purple Cup Café coffee house in Fort Collins off of Drake and Shields. Every Tuesday at 6 p.m. they hang out and talk about the conspiracy that has most of all humans believing that we are hurtling through space on a big marble. Hold on, it does sound crazy when you say it like that.

Who knows? Maybe I WILL be attending the Flat Earth International Conference.

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