In February of 2016, Chef Clay, the owner/operator of Mo' Betta Gumbo announced that the restaurant would be expanding to the west. Now, it sounds like he has a new plan.

Mo Betta Sign
Dave Jensen, TSM

There's no question that Downtown Loveland's Mo' Betta Gumbo is in need of more room. The joint is tiny.  Chef Clay is more than aware of the situation.

That why he announced expansion plans in February of 2016. They were going to expand into the antiques store directly to their west on 4th Street, and open in the spring of that year. Those plans ran into a ton of hassle, with it being such an old building.  The last I had heard, was that he planned on buying the entire building so that he'd have more freedom in the renovation.

Then, the busy chef/business-leader started in on his two other projects: The Colorado Taproom and Miss Daisy's BBQ & Blues. Both of those are moving along as scheduled. Great. the more new businesses the better, when it comes to Downtown Loveland.

Now, recently, I read in the Reporter-Herald that Chef Clay has indeed a brand NEW plan for expanding Mo' Betta. Expanding to the north! The pawn shop just north of Mo' Betta is closing down, so.. Booyah!

Now, that pawn shop's 'oldness' may also prevent the expansion from happening anytime soon, but it's good to know that he's got a new plan!

Come on, Mo' Betta!

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