It seems every Olympics there is one moment that catches the eye of the Internet.

Olympics Day 9 - Gymnastics - Artistic
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No, I'm not talking about the shiny gold medal moments, but the moments that seem to get captured when the athletes don't know a camera is on them.

Such is the case with Michael Phelps. The guy is looking to make Olympic history. An American Olympic hero in the pool, some questionable behavior outside of the pool, but after hard work, determination, and a new passion for swimming finding his way back into the favorable eyes of the American public. Don't we just love a good story of redemption?

On Monday night, as rival South African swimmer Chad le Clos, went through a series of boxing type warm-ups, Phelps sat, headphones on, highly unimpressed. And that, my friends, is how a meme is born.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 6.44.26 PM

On the daily, people tell me my cat Hugo Boss looks mad at the world. Taking this comment to heart, and the picture crashing the internet today of Michael Phelps, I thought, "why not have a contest to see who could be grumpier, Michael Phelps or the cats of Colorado?" By the way, each cat you see can be adopted at a local shelter or by using


To find out more about each cat you have seen:

Watch the NBC coverage of the Michael Phelps face here.


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