Cats and coffee - sounds like the perfect combination if you ask me.

For cat lovers and early risers alike, this concept might sound like a heavenly dream; but the 'purrfect' combo of the two could very well be coming to Northern Colorado - and sooner than you think.

According to the Coloradoan, patrons could be enjoying a morning brew in the company of adoptable foster cats and kittens at a new, innovative coffee shop looking to nail down a physical location in downtown Loveland.

A real brick-and-mortar would be new for NoCo Cat Cafe, but the concept is not new to the area; NoCo Cat Cafe founders Kimberly Tejchma-Sanford and her husband Christopher Sanford currently run a pop-up version of the cat cafe around Northern Colorado.

At the pop-up cafe, adorable, adoptable cats and kittens are brought in from the NoCo Cat Cafe's nonprofit cat rescue partner, Colorado Kitty Coalition, which is based in Fort Collins.

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NoCo Cat Cafe hosted its first pop-up back in October, which resulted in a turnout of nearly 200 and led to the adoption of multiple cats - all of who were present at the pop-up cafe.

Tejchma-Sanford says their permanent location would essentially operate the same way that their pop-up cafe is currently operating.

The owners of NoCo Cat Cafe hope to make their pop-ups an everyday occurrence - that is by securing a physical location for their business - sometime soon; Kimberly Tejchma-Sanford and her husband Christopher Sanford hope to have their new permanent location in downtown Loveland open by next April.

"It’s going to be a really good outlet for more adoptions so we’ll be able to rescue more kittens and cats," Colorado Kitty Coalition Executive Director Arika McClellan said Thursday, according to the Coloradoan. "Since we rely on our foster homes, it’s like having a whole other foster that can take more (cats and kittens)."

In the meantime, if you're looking to adopt a furry friend in Northern Colorado (talk about the best, most perfect Christmas gift ever) NoCo Cat Cafe has its next pop-up cafe coming up Saturday, Dec. 18 from noon to 3 p.m.

The pop-up will be held at The Gressiwick in Loveland, located at 426 N. Lincoln Ave.

You can purchase admission tickets in advance and learn more about NoCo Cat Cafe and Rescue here. 

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