There have been beers infused with CBD sold throughout the state of Colorado. But what about a drink made without losing the THC? Looks like it's on the horizon.According to Westword, the founders of the Blue Moon Brewing Company are working on a line of THC-infused drinks that will have the taste of a beer without the alcohol included.

It's illegal in the state for someone to make a beverage that has both alcohol and THC, so this is a must to get the product out to the public.

The beverage line will be known as Ceria Beverages, and is run by both Keith Villa and his wife Jodi. Keith was the founder of Blue Moon back in 1995.

While there is no distribution date set yet for the product, they say that the product will only be sold in dispensaries and not breweries in the state. It's expected that the product will be available for public consumption by the end of 2018.

While this will be the first foray for a business to sell a THC infused beer, it will not be the first time marijuana has been part of a recipe. New Belgium Brewing and Dads & Dudes Breweria have had CBD and hemp-infused beers in the past.


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