Those who rely on taking I-25 to make the commute between Fort Collins and Loveland will be excited to hear that lane expansion plans are currently underway, meaning better traffic flow and quicker travel times for drivers.

Upon receiving a $15 million federal grant, U.S. Senator Michael Bennet informed the northern Colorado community that funds will be going towards widening this area of I-25 to a total of six lanes, and also adding a tolled express lane. The toll lane will go in both directions from the Mulberry Exit to just south of U.S. Highway 34 in Loveland, and once finished, money collected from this lane will be put towards road maintenance.

This hefty federal grant adds to the $25 million, raised previously by local communities, including Weld County and the town of Windsor, who have desperately been seeking a solution to the I-25 corridor congestion for years now. Adequate funding was definitely the most important source to finding a solution, and although the complete expansion project is estimated to come in at a cost of around $235 million, the federal and state transportation funding is expected to cover the remaining amount needed. CDOT crews hope to begin construction by the fall of 2017.

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