Mo' Betta Gumbo in Loveland has gone through a couple of changes in the last few weeks. One being its location, the other being its name.

Mo' Betta Gumbo has moved into The Foundry with a new name, Betta Gumbo - Southern Flavors.

When I first heard about the name change, I thought it was just part of the new location — to freshen everything up.

Turns out, Chef Clay let us know on Facebook that it was due to a challenge from another restaurant with a similar name: Mo' Bettahs, based out of Utah. Mo' Betttahs serves up Hawaiian/Polynesian fare.

YouTube/Stewart Goodwin
YouTube/Stewart Goodwin

This is just the most recent name change a Loveland business has had to make due to a challenge from another business.

Blue 32 recently changed their name to simply Blue after being challenged by an operation out of Arizona, and Door 222 on 4th Street was initially known as The Next Door but was challenged by Elon Musk's brother's restaurant chain The Kitchen Next Door.

No matter the name, I'm sure Betta Gumbo will be a hit in The Foundry.

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