Seems like yesterday that The Next Door on 4th Street had to change their name. Now a place on the north side of town has had to.

If you haven't been into Blue 32 Sports Grille in Loveland lately, you may not know that they have a new name: Blue Sports Grille.

This particular bar/grill used to be Miller's Crossing for a long time, but it's been Blue 32 for five years. I've been in many times as both.

The current owner-operator of the location received a 'threatening letter' from lawyers on behalf of Blue 32 Sports Grille operations in Arizona (there are three) to stop using the name 'Blue 32' and to give up rights to the web address:

The current owner, who's owned the location for 18 months, made the changes. He kept 'Blue' because he was baseball coach for 14 years, and coaches call the umpires 'Blue,' so it still fits right in.

I've been hearing great things about the new ownership  - Keep at it, Gang!

Dave Jensen/TSM
Dave Jensen/TSM


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