Well, at least the ‘confusion’ will go away now. Next Door in Loveland was being sued to change its name by the owners of The Kitchen Next Door Community Pub, citing trademark infringement; that ‘Next Door’ is too similar to their own name.  So, The Next Door has moved on to their next name!

222 E 4th
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Next Door has been in Loveland, and only Loveland, for about three years; The Kitchen Next Door Community Pub opened their first location in Boulder in 2011. They now have locations in Fort Collins, Boulder and Denver. The Kitchen Next Door was co-founded by multi-millionaire Kimbal Musk, whose brother created PayPal.

The Kitchen Next Door didn't want to come across as the big bad guy; so the two owners sat down at Next Door in Loveland, broke bread, and came to a settlement.  Nobody would say about what the settlement was exactly, all that we know is that the Loveland business agreed to change their name.

Next Door held a contest where they let people submit name ideas. The winner would receive dinner-for-two once a week for a year.  They have chosen their winner!

Drumroll.....They will now be known as Door 222!  

222 E 4th. Street is the location of the popular eatery.

From The Coloradoan:

"I wanted to keep 'door' in the name," he said, explaining the restaurant's door-themed decor. "And then we had to legally choose a name that we were going be able to protect."

I don't know.... 'Door 222' to me, sounds A: Too close to 'Room 222' the old TV show; and B: Like a door that leads to a room where lobotomies are performed. "Looks like Mr. Jensen will need an appointment behind Door 222."

Maybe I'm just upset that they didn't choose my name: Small Shoes.  Oh well...

[Source: The Coloradoan]

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