It’s been a seasonal place on the west side of town for decades- Dairy Delite. Locals and tourists have packed the place during the spring and summer- since that’s the only time they’ve been open- until now!

Dairy Delite
Dave Jensen, TSM

Oh, that oh-so-good soft serve, flamed-broiled burgers and Chicago Dogs. Dairy Delite has been open for over 30 years on West Eisenhower in Loveland; to the delight of the folks that live in Loveland and to the folks that pass through Loveland on their way to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. However, they’ve only been open April to October; if you had a craving for some soft-serve in the fall or winter, you were out of luck.

But wait! They announced on their Facebook page (with a great photo of their sign) that since {we] asked for it, they’ll do it! They’re going to be open from Labor Day through the middle of December!

Hooray! Having some Dairy Delite after Halloween?  Hooray!

How perfect a place this will be to hang out after coming back from the ‘Catch the Glow’ parade in Estes! Maybe you have relatives that only visit at Thanksgiving? Now, you can take them there!  I see a lot of people being there after high school sporting events in the fall- like say, after a great Loveland High versus Thompson Valley High football game!

‘Come on, we’re all headed to Dairy Delite!’ ‘What, they’re not open.’ ‘Oh yes they are, let’s go!’

Nice job, guys!

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