In today's news, Lovelanders are trying to crush the spirit of an 80-year-old veteran who likes to feed the squirrels.

Am I the only one thinking, 'Really?' This kind of actually makes me a little sad. According to KDVR, Gaylord Sigman is a Korean War Veteran who said, 'I'm an old man who just likes animals,' adding that it helps him 'find peace.' [See video here.]

Some people are just friends with animals; can we not just let him do it?

KDVR reported that Sigman has been doing this for years, until a neighbor complained. Now, he's up against the City of Loveland over the matter.

Please, inform me if I am unaware of some kind of harm this causes. I understand that squirrels are 'wild animals,' and that you can't go into a forest and feed bears, etc. But, anyone in Fort Collins can tell you that squirrels are pretty used to being fed by people (I've been chased down by one who wanted my food before).

You can read the full story from KDVR here. #ISideWithSigman

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