22 cities’ displays for the 4th of July are featured in the USA Today Travel ‘Best of America’ section! How flattering to be featured among big cities like Chicago, Boston and St. Louis.  In fact, there’s only one other city west of the Mississippi that lands on the list.

At just around 9:17 p.m. on the 4th of July in Loveland, over 20.000 people will be gathered to see The Sweetheart City’s fireworks display.  After being featured in USA Today, however, we may see that number increase to 30,000!

Who knows why Loveland made their list?  Maybe it’s the name: ‘Loveland, Colorado’ does have notoriety, with Valentine's Day and all.  No matter.  There’s our little Loveland, mentioned among 21 other fireworks displays across the nation including those in Washington, D.C., Boston, Philadelphia, and Chicago.  There are a lot of big names on this list!  Then, right there at the end -- Loveland!

You’ll find that Loveland is the only city west of the Mississippi to be mentioned besides San Diego. You have to imagine that their show is something to behold; so, to be associated with their ‘Big Bay Boom’ is really something to brag about!

Loveland’s display will feature 2,200 pounds of explosives and 1,542 shots, averaging 100 pounds of fireworks per minute in the 30-minute celebration!

Also, with this list, you’ll find that while all the others that the writer mentions-- those bigger cities-- have links to pages about their displays. However, Loveland’s mention does not.  Maybe it’s because we don’t have some ‘America Goes Bang’-like catchy name for our display. Loveland doesn’t need a fancy name for people to enjoy ‘the largest and longest finale in all of Colorado’, now do we?

But, if we WERE to put a name on Loveland’s fireworks display, may I suggest:

Just a thought!


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