Almost everybody loves Dutch Bros. Coffee, it seems. Everybody except for this person who is wanted by the Loveland Police Department, however.

This person is suspected of throwing a rock to break in and then allegedly stealing the location's safe.

Luckily, even though the suspect was wearing a mask, this Dutch Bros. has a good camera security system, and they got good footage.

Does this person have a grudge against the coffee shop? Is this person an athlete of some kind?

TSM/Matt Sparx

Neither of the Dutch Bros. coffee shops has been in Loveland for a long time, but the one on North Lincoln at 43rd Street is the oldest. That would be the one that someone broke into early April 3, 2023, using a sturdy rock to bust through the back door window.

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When you watch the surveillance video, you get the feeling that this suspect has thrown [something] before. They wind up and then hurl that rock into the window of the back door of Dutch Bros. with little hesitation.

It's a little surprising that they don't have, or haven't released, video of the suspect leaving with the safe. It could be that the thief turned off the recording equipment once inside.


Loveland Police released the break-in video hoping the public may know this alleged thief.

I immediately noticed that they were wearing Converse "Chucks" shoes. I can see a person ditching the clothes that they were wearing while pulling off a heist, but "Chucks" can be a different story.

Loveland Police did get a good "still" out of the video of the suspect:

Loveland Police

Again, if you may know something about this heist, contact Loveland Police at  (970) 667-2151 and speak with Officer Tilly. Reference case LP23-0002461.

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