Though it is a great reference to a great movie and tastes good, there is not a golden ticket involved. Sorry, Charley!

Ever had a 'gose' beer? It's an old German style unfiltered sour wheat ale; first crafted with the water from the river Gose - 'Gose-uh.' It's a genre of beer that seems to be on the fringe of popularity, but those who enjoy them should get a kick out of Rock Bottom's new one!

Rock Bottom Brewery's latest gose is called 'Violet Gose to the Juicer.' Mitch, Rock Bottom's head brewer, is always coming up with clever names for his beers- his 'Anchorman' beer is back on tap, by the way!

Tying in Violet from Willy Wonka must have come easily to Mitch once he added BLUEBERRY after the fermentation. 'Violet Gose to the Juicer! It's perfect!'  It does have a nice pink look to it, due to pink salt and coriander being added to the boil. It looks great, smells great, and tastes great!

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