You have to like the head brewer at Rock Bottom at the Promenade Shops at Centerra; a little while back, he had an Arrested Development-themed beer on tap. Now, he’s keeping it classy with a salute to Ron Burgundy!

Dave Jensen, TSM

Rock Bottom’s Head Brewer Mitch Niewiarowicz has a knack for naming his beer with a tongue-in-cheek attitude. His ‘Mister Manager’ IPA (with banana) was a hit, named after an episode of ‘Arrested Development.’

Mitch’s latest pop-culture creation is a nod to famed San Diego anchorman Ron Burgundy! It’s an English Porter named, ‘Foggy London Town.’  For me, it wasn’t until I read the description that it all fell together: ‘Baxter, you are my little gentleman.’ Then, I realized, ‘That’s right! ‘Anchorman!’ Hysterical!’  London is in England… I get it!

It references the classic scene in ‘Anchorman’ where Ron Burgundy is driving with his dog, singing a little tune to the dog: ‘Oh, Baxter, you are my little gentleman, I’ll take you to foggy London town…’  Then Ron throws his burrito out the window, and his downfall soon begins.

Dave Jensen, TSM

I’m not a porter fan, so I can’t tell you about Foggy London Town’s taste, so you’ll have to try it for yourself. Nice work on the name, for sure though, Mitch!