You're having friends over this weekend for dinner and 'game night,' but you're tired of 'Clue.' With this game, you don't even have to have other players, if you don't want.

Colorado is famous for many things; the Garden of the Gods, the Denver Broncos, Colorado being the home of Crocs, for example. Among those famous things about our state is The Stanley Hotel being the inspiration for Stephen King's 'The Shining.'

We can now take that tale of terror to the next level with this board game. All work and no play, right?

The novel was a hit, but the movie, featuring Jack Nicholson as the troubled Jack Torrance, was a box-office smash. A smash like an axe coming through the bathroom door, smash. How much fun would it be to get a group of friends together and go back to 'The Overlook?'

The game is 'The Shining: Escape From The Overlook Hotel.' It costs about $25, takes about two hours to play, and is for players aged 17 and older. It's not Yahtzee, apparently.

According to Good Time Society about the game:

If the players keep their wits, AND their heads, they'll escape from [The Overlook] and win the game.

In the game, the group (or just you) work together to guide Wendy and Danny through The Stanley, err, The Overlook Hotel, based up on clues found in Wendy's journal.   There are 'standee' of both Wendy and Danny, each with little codes and abilities.

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It's like an escape room, but board game style. You and your team are working together to solve puzzles, and figure out clues, to get Wendy and Danny out of The Overlook, before the axe-wielding Jack Torrance finds them, using your skills, or perhaps 'The Shine.'

A little wine, some friends, maybe an old typewriter nearby.

'Here's Johnny!' Good luck.

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